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The main specialty of our company is hanging air fresheners. They will provide you or your clients with an effective advertising. Our products not only carry an image, but also the scent, which means that for the recipient they have both informative and practical value. They greatly complement promotional campaigns, exhibition stands, are suitable for gifts and inserts in magazines, as well as additions to mass correspondence.

They reach a very broad audience – 85% of drivers use them in their cars, and their practical nature means they do not end their life in the bin immediately after reaching the recipient.


Our products are certified by the National Institute of Hygiene and IFRA, manufactured exclusively of human- and environment-friendly materials, and packed in barrier films, ensuring the lasting fragrance.


  • any shape
  • highly absorbent cellulose
  • high-resolution offset print
  • fixing element – plastic strap or a rubber band
  • full colour on both sides
  • packaging of barrier film guaranteeing the lasting fragrance
  • possibility of printing on the film
  • optional advertising label (blister)

Wooden hanging air fresheners


This exceptional product not only freshens the air and gives it scent, but thanks to its aesthetic appearance it also decorates. Thanks to using a wooden base, beech or alder plywood as a raw material, it is biodegradable.

Undoubtedly, its ecological character is currently a huge asset.


Wooden freshener, in addition to aesthetic and fragrance advantages, can also serve the purpose of advertising.

The technique of burning in the wood allows putting a logo, design or other content on the air freshener.


  • Large selection of shapes
  • Wooden base – beech or alder plywood
  • Possibility to burn patter into the tag
  • Packaging made of barrier film guaranteeing the lasting fragrance
  • Possibility to print on the film
  • Optional advertising label (blister)
  • Fastener – plastic strap, rubber band or wooden stand

3D hanging air freshener


A new dimension of air freshener – consisting of two folded parts, it gives an impression of a three-dimensional shape.

Depending on the graphic design, this effect can be further enhanced.


Bigger than the standard one, the surface of the product allows placing more content – and hence a better advert, as well as stronger saturation with fragrance composition.

We also produce the air fresheners in the 3D format using beech or alder plywood, with an option of burning in the wood in order to place a design.


  • innovative appearance
  • packaging - blister
  • any shape
  • highly absorbent cellulose
  • high resolution offset print
  • fixing element – plastic strap or a rubber band
  • full colour scheme on both sides of the air freshener’s components

Wide choice of fragrance compositions















Technical requirements

  • Supplied files should contain the final design, i.e. correct size (scale 100%), final shape and target colours ? we do not replace colours in accordance with the attached guidance, we do not modify shape and do not scale. The outline of the project of the A-side should be a mirror image of the outline of the B-side of the design, and vice versa.
  • Bitmaps that are part of the design, in their target size, should have a resolution of min. 240ppi (recommended: 300ppi)
  • All elements of the projects should be defined in CMYK ? other colours will be converted by the applications without additional correcting. Using the Pantone colours is possible only in special cases and only after prior consultation with us.
  • Recommended maximum ink coverage: 260%.
  • All text elements must be converted into curves; recommended minimum size text in black & white is 12pt for serif font and 10pt for sans-serif font, and respectively 10pt and 8pt for non-black and white texts.
  • The project should have a bleed width of min. 5mm.
  • Important design elements (texts, logos, icons, etc.) should be positioned min. 5mm away from the net form edge, inwardly.
  • The diameter of the hole is 4mm and it should be positioned min. 4mm away from the net form edge (punch blade).
  • Punch outline should be placed on a separate layer named ?punch?.
  • We recommend to wrap the designs with complicated shapes with a few-millimetre (min. 3mm) border within the net form area in the uniform colour ? this will help prevent stamping errors
  • Accepted file formats: Adobe Illustrator CS5 or earlier version, possibly Adobe Indesign CS5 or earlier version, coreldraw x5 or earlier version, and ultimately .eps. Delivering the files in different formats is possible only after making specific arrangements.
  • Unacceptable file formats: JPG, PDF, PSD, DOC, XLS, PPT, BMP, GIF, PNG, SWF, Microsoft Publisher and other exotic ones.
  • In addition to the file containing the design of hanging air freshener, please attach a preview in a .pdf format (scale 100%) or .jpg (scale 100%, resolution 200ppi)

Most common mistakes:

  • No bleed, bleed to small, bleed incorrectly prepared.
  • Too little distance between important elements of design and the punch edge.
  • Hole not marked or marked incorrectly.
  • White elements with an active overprint option.
  • Lines and outlines too thin.
  • Lines with the selected fill colour.
  • The reverse has a different shape than the mirror image of the averse.
  • Only one side of the hanging air freshener is designed (does not apply in cases when the outline of the hanging air freshener is symmetrical and the content is identical for both sides).
  • The text elements and other elements with small dimensions, whose readability is significant, in the pixel and not vector form, e.g. an icon, pictogram, quality marks, logos.
  • Use of colours: Lab, RGB, Pantone, Ral and others, other than CMYK.
  • Vector elements cut into vertical slices.
  • Vector elements with fill, but not closed.
  • Texts with too small font size.
  • Too low colour saturation (below 6%)
  • Text objects and lettering not converted into curves.
  • Bitmap elements contain paths, alpha channels, layers.
  • Bitmap elements, instead of being linked as external files, are contained in the document.
  • Bitmap elements with too low resolution.


We will create every shape at the client’s request – below are the sample cut-outs.




Preparation of design

We also offer graphic services related to gadget design, as well as preparation for print and punch. Before selecting materials for the design, please familiarise yourself with the technical requirements.




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